Aromatherapy candle burning note

Update:20 Nov 2017

Aromatherapy candles in the refrigerator for a few hour […]

Aromatherapy candles in the refrigerator for a few hours before use, you can slow down the speed of burning !

During appointments or at leisure, avoid odorless candles and aromatherapy candles lit at the same time, because the odorless candles will absorb the fragrance.

The wick can be trimmed often while in use. The length of the wick affects the effect of the fragrance. The best length of the candle wick aroma candle is about 0.5 ~ 0.8 cm.

If a scented candle accidentally drops on the furniture, you can wait for the solidification to clear. If residual wax can be used to blow the wax blower in the clean-up.

It is advisable to use only one or two fragrances each time you use a scented candle to avoid numbing our scent to smell too much.

When buying a candle, you can choose a larger candle, because when the candle is burning, the more wax tears congregate on the candle's face, the more fragrant it emits.

Avoid direct sunlight while preserving aromatherapy candles, as long-term exposure to candles causes fading.

Finally, and most importantly. Do not let children touch the burning candle! And when leaving the room to extinguish the candle .