Aromatherapy candles for use

Update:11 Dec 2017

1) Do not light ordinary candles and scented candles at […]

1) Do not light ordinary candles and scented candles at the same time, because the former will absorb the latter's aroma.
2) The size of the room will affect the concentration of the fragrance. The bigger the room, the fainter the fragrance, and vice versa.
3) Placed in the refrigerator for a few hours before use, can slow down the burning rate of candles Oh!
4) Try to choose a larger candle candle. As the candle burns, the more waxy the candle is, the more aroma it emits.
5) When the candle is burning, please avoid placing it in the windward to avoid the candlelight shaking and tilting, resulting in the unfavorable phenomenon caused by the burning of the wax oil. It is recommended to keep indoor air circulation when burning candles.
6) Only one or two fragrances should be used. Our smell can feel numb because of the variety of scent If you lit a candle also have to choose a similar flavor, or the taste is not obvious.
7) Frequently trim the wick. Wick over the General Assembly affect the aroma distribution. Burning timely wick trimmed to a length of 0.5 ~ 0.8cm (please turn off the flame). This will not produce smoke when burning black smoke.