Fragrance candle collocation knowledge

Update:16 Jan 2018

1, Scented candle points jelly wax, fruit wax, tea wax […]

1, Scented candle points jelly wax, fruit wax, tea wax and paraffin 3. There strawberries, lemons, apples, blueberries, roses, lavender, warm home, oranges, jasmine and so on flavor.
2, Plant aroma from nature has a strong bactericidal function, which can greatly reduce and eliminate bacteria and viruses in the air, increase the body's immune system, in our anxiety after a tense day, the flowers are the other we remove the armor , Long sweet in the warm aroma, the use of incense to create atmosphere is like indoor layout in general, is an art and science, not like the wall painting, wall ornaments, cabinets display as clearly visible, but he is a Chic scent arrangement, albeit invisible but equally delighting your senses
3, The oil and water in accordance with the ratio of 1:15 mixed, placed in aromatherapy furnace, the bottom with tea wax heating, the aroma can be quickly distributed to the air. It has the function of purifying the air, creating a pleasant atmosphere and pleasing the mood. Do not splash it when using it. Also, it should not be eaten. And it should be stored at normal temperature, avoid direct sunlight use.