How to use rattan volatile aroma?

Update:09 May 2018

The use of rattan volatile aromatherapy method: Open th […]

The use of rattan volatile aromatherapy method:

Open the aroma bottle stopper, put 2-3 pieces of rattan into the aromatherapy bottle, dip one end of the rattan into the aroma liquid, remove it after the rattan is wet, and put the other end into the bottle. If you want a deeper scent, put a few more (but use it faster). If you want a lighter scent, put less (sometimes slower than you use). Rattan volatile aromatherapy is a safe, hygienic and convenient aromatherapy. Rattan aromatherapy series products are presented in a set, all with rattan stick volatiles, with the exception of replenishes.

If it is used in a small space (such as a bathroom), inserting a small amount of rattan sticks can achieve the effect; if it is placed in a large space, the number of rattan sticks can be appropriately increased.

When the Room spray is used, it can be supplemented and the rattan can be used continuously. The recycling is quite environmentally friendly.

The volatile stick (rattan) is inserted into the volatile liquid in the glass bottle and put on the wooden cover, and the essential oil will be emitted into the air along the volatile stick. It not only purifies the air in the room, but also makes the room filled with fragrance for 24 hours a day. According to different external environments, the fragrance can be distributed for about 2-3 months. If you do not want to use it every day, you can refill it with the original plug containing a can of aromatic aroma.

The specific method of use varies depending on the type of product package.