Purchase aromatherapy wax

Update:27 Nov 2017

    We always light a scented candle under the romantic […]

    We always light a scented candle under the romantic chance to relax the atmosphere.
However, a wide variety of aromatherapy candles on the market, purely holding the purchase of decorative psychology, will choose the treasure in a treasure or in the IKEA shopping mall to buy relatively cheap aromatherapy candles, but also a look of excitement look like "so cheap! So, why are the same aromatherapy candles but the price is very poor?
We can hardly judge the pros and cons of candles on the basis of their appearance. It may even be harmful to health if we do not buy it! Just as with smoking, the material of a wax body is of crucial importance. The waxy, waxy body burns through the air and is then breathed into the body. The smell of a poor-quality scented candle can slowly put you at risk.
Material contrast
Ordinary aromatherapy: ordinary aromatherapy material is generally paraffin, although the paraffin itself does not have obvious harmful substances, but the oil, minerals extracted components can not be absorbed by the body, while burning black smoke is harmful to the human body.
High-end aromatherapy: On the contrary, like plant aromatherapy candles, the use of wild paint, soybeans, coconut and natural oil mixture made of natural plant wax is better able to let the body absorb, even more amazing is! Kneading a small piece of wax by hand, quickly pinching melted, and there is no sticky feeling, even burning wax solution can also be used as a hand cream, good moisture and moisture can speed up the skin absorb.
Wick contrast
Ordinary aromatherapy: Common aromatherapy candles in the wick choice almost no requirements, the general use of cotton rope material, flammable. However, when it is extinguished, cigarette smoke and carbon dioxide gas are released, which is also harmful to the human body for indoor scented candles.
High-end aromatherapy: In contrast, high-end aromatherapy brands generally use the selected carbon-free lead-free wick, so that does not produce toxic gases in the combustion, while extinguishing the wick will not produce a lot of smoke, while the wick Delay longer burning time, can fully burn the surrounding wax solution.