Scent candle purchase knowledge

Update:22 Jan 2018

1, The color and shape of the scented candle In the cho […]

1, The color and shape of the scented candle
In the choice of scented candles, the color and shape to match the theme of home. Fragrance candles on the market are rich in color and shape, covering almost all the styles we need, we can try to pick the right color and shape for your home decoration.
2, Raiders variety of candles
With the progress of technology, a variety of scented candles after another, such as: scented candles, jelly candles, craft candles, different candles represent different meanings.
3, With the candlestick candlestick
Candlestick is also not to be ignored, because the effect of scented candles must be better with exquisite candlestick to bring out, otherwise no matter how good the candle, does not help. We usually use glass, ceramic, iron or silver candlestick; also can use the plate or glass to hold the candle, is beautiful and economical.