The use of aromatherapy candlesticks

Update:24 Oct 2017

   The candle is removed from the box and the wax is cu […]

   The candle is removed from the box and the wax is cut to a length of 0.6 cm long before it is lit and placed on a fireproof container. The time of each candle is controlled between 3-4 hours.
   On the use of aromatherapy candles, under normal circumstances, the fragrance of the use of time is about 50 hours, but will also be slightly affected by environmental factors. The fragrance is recommended for 2-3 hours after burning, stop burning candles, and let the indoor air circulation.
   Aroma candles are not suitable for use on the table because the fragrance of the mistake will cover the aroma of the food; you should avoid using different aromatherapy candles at the same time in the same space and, if mixed with other scents, may produce strange scent combinations In the same space after the use of a fragrance, ventilation, and then use another fragrance.
   There is no need to pour water on the candlestick! Placed on a fireproof container!