Tips for the use of tea wax

Update:24 Mar 2018

Tea wax is also known as coffee wax and warm tea. Its s […]

Tea wax is also known as coffee wax and warm tea.
Its small size and long burning time are necessary for western families.
Suitable for hotels, churches and places of worship. Tea candle, it is a bar with aluminum cans casting wax,
commonly used to put in for her birthday, burning time in 1-3 hours according to calculate weight,
because generally bars, KTV, cafe some so called the tea wax.
Wax wax purposes
tea is mainly used in aromatherapy or boiled tea, fragrance-free wax are commonly used to boil tea
(candle burns to avoid direct contact with the flame at the bottom of the teapot instruments such as to
avoid producing black stain.It is the best way to get the flame out of the device 10CM.
This is the reason why people are afraid that the fragrance of tea wax will affect the original fragrance of tea.
Scented tea wax is commonly used in yoga or SPA, to adjust the mood. Of course, there is also the use of the candle,
that is, the tea wax is arranged into some symbols or words that represent love. It can also be used in small hot pot,
outdoor camping stove, windproof lamp, etc.
It can also be used for setting up a romantic atmosphere for a candlelit dinner!
It is also suitable for use in KTV bar. Generally speaking,
the application range of tea waxes is not rigid and varies depending on the environment.