What is a scented candle made of?

Update:25 Apr 2018

The main ingredient of Scented candles is paraffin, whi […]

The main ingredient of Scented candles is paraffin, which is easily melted and has a density less than water and is insoluble in water. Heated to melt into a liquid, colorless and transparent and slightly heated and volatile, can smell the unique smell of paraffin. Solidified to a white solid when cold, with a slight odor.
Essential tools: beakers, paraffin, paint, disposable plastic cups, cotton thread, needles, sticks, brushes, gold pigments. Use a needle to pierce the center of the disposable plastic cup at the bottom and insert the cotton thread through the small eye. Leave one end at the bottom of the cup and tighten the other end of the thread. Straighten the mouth of the cup and place the stick across the edge of the cup. On the line, where the line and the wooden rod cross, tie and tie. Remember to keep the cotton tight and straight. Place the paraffin pieces in a beaker, place the beaker in a pan filled with half of the hot water, and heat the pan over low heat until the paraffin melts completely. Turn off the fire, and pay attention to keeping the paraffin liquid. Add pigment to the beaker. If you want to make a candle that can emit fragrance, you can also drop a few drops of essential oil. Mix the pigment and wax oil to blend. Hold the beaker with a clip and slowly pour the wax into a disposable cup, preferably half a cup. After waiting for the candle to cool completely, use a pair of scissors to cut the cup, strip off its “garment”, and after leaving the appropriate candle core, cut the remaining cotton thread. This handmade candle will be done. Use a pointed knife to sculpt the pattern on the body of the candle. Feel free to play with the imagination. Then use a fine brush to draw a little golden paint on the grooves. Such a beautiful handmade candle is finished. It is also possible to heat the spoon on the alcohol lamp and use a hot spoon on the side of the candle to make the wax soften here, creating a depression that is just placed on the dried hay collected on weekdays. Gently press on the flowers, adjust the position, reheat the spoon, and press gently around the flowers to reinforce the body. In this way, you can make a hand-embossed candle. By analogy, candles of various shapes can also be made.

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