What is the use of aromatherapy candles?

Update:08 Jan 2018

Four major functions:        First, purify the air qual […]

Four major functions:
    First, purify the air quality, plastic-selected pollution-free living space.
    Second, to promote metabolism, to help maintain respiratory skills, to breathe smoothly.
    Third, adjust the physiological function, relieve mental stress.
    Fourth, make people feel comfortable, relaxed and happy, inspire the potential vitality of the human body.

Eight benefits
    First, improve sanitation, remove odor, decomposition of secondhand smoke and the essence of the air.

    Second, enhance immunity, prevent disease and reduce high blood pressure.

    Third, enhance lung capacity.
    Fourth, to improve the respiratory tract, nasal allergies and other problems.
    Fifth, get rid of mosquitoes, antibacterial, in addition to mites.
    Six, balance hormones, activate cells, prevent aging.
    Seven, refreshing, enhance memory.
    Eight, comfort irritability, relieve stress, insomnia, headache, so happy.