What is the composition of the oil burner?

Update:12 Apr 2018

The Oil burner consists of 5 systems: 1. Air supply sys […]

The Oil burner consists of 5 systems:
1. Air supply system: The function of air supply system is to send air with certain wind speed and air volume into the combustion chamber. Its main components are: housing, fan motor, fan impeller, air gun fire tube, throttle controller, damper door Plate, cam adjustment mechanism, diffuser plate.
2. Ignition system: The function of the ignition system is to ignite the mixture of air and fuel. Its main components are: ignition transformer, ignition electrode, and electric fire high voltage cable.
3, monitoring system: The function of the monitoring system is to ensure the safe and stable operation of the burner. The main components are flame monitor, pressure monitor, temperature monitor and so on.
4. Fuel System: The function of the fuel system is to ensure that the burner burns the fuel needed. Mainly include: tubing and joints, oil pumps, solenoid valves, nozzles, heavy oil preheater.
5. Electronic Control System: The electronic control system is the command center and contact center of the above systems. The main control elements are program controllers. Different burners are equipped with different programmable controllers. The common programmable controllers are: LFL series and LAL series. , LOA series, LGB series, the main difference is that the time of each program step is different.