What should I pay attention to when using aromatherapy oils?

Update:07 Jun 2018

With regard to issues related to “What should I pay att […]

With regard to issues related to “What should I pay attention to when using aromatherapy essential oils?”, the image official website helps young assistants to give you detailed answers: For essential oils, what people hear most about is “naturally pure substances extracted from plants”. A "natural", so that most people use less guarded.
Indeed, the essence of essential oils extracted from the natural world, whether it is bathing, massage or aromatherapy, is liked to the urban white-collar workers who are under heavy pressure. It can not only improve the health of skin, but also increase vitality. To balance physical and mental balance. However, although the essential oil is good, it cannot be used as it pleases. The
Essential oils are different from ordinary cosmetics, but like Chinese herbs, they have certain medicinal properties or toxicity. Therefore, although the utility of essential oils is magical, it must be handled with great caution. High concentrations or excessive use of essential oils can cause the skin surface to fail to metabolize, cause burns, and darken the skin. Many cosmetologists frankly say that they often encounter such a situation: After the customer buys back a single formula of essential oil, he thinks that using a bit more may have a better effect, so when he wash his face, he drops a few drops. As a result, a small red papule grows on his face. Obviously, we must pay attention to its hidden dangers while we are looking for beautiful oils. The

Use aromatherapy essential oil for skin care, must first be diluted with plant base oil or cream to avoid symptoms of burning, irritation, and other symptoms of skin that are prone to allergies. But do not use mineral oil (such as baby oil, base oil) to dilute the aromatic oil, because the molecular weight of mineral oil is too large, it will hinder the skin absorption, so that the efficacy disappears. The

If the skin has an allergenic precedent, when using aromatherapy oils, the dilution ratio should be reduced (that is, the amount of essential oils should be reduced, the base oil or cream should be increased), and the dosage should be used. A small part of the skin test can be performed before use. Usually after 12 hours, you can know if Applicable, some consumers may only have an allergic reaction to certain essential oils. In general, sensitive skin tests should be performed when using sensitive oils such as lemon, mint, and tea tree. The
When using aromatherapy oils, be careful not to touch around the sensitive mucous membranes such as the genitals, mouth, nostrils, eyes, etc. If you accidentally touch them, you may experience burning discomfort. Use appropriate amount of plant base oil (such as sweet almonds) immediately. (cotton seed oil) cotton balls or make-up remover cotton, gently rubbed and diluted in uncomfortable parts. The
When pregnant, avoid using essential oils that can cause miscarriage, such as toon, cypress, jasmine, myrrh, and chamomile. Essential oils should be stored in dark glass bottles, protected from light and high temperatures, and kept sealed to ensure that essential oils do not deteriorate. The
Aromatherapy essential oils should be kept out of the reach of children. The following people should be cautiously massaged with essential oils: pregnant women and pregnant women within 3 months of pregnancy, hypertensive patients, cancer patients, patients with a history of epilepsy, and skin allergies.